Chapter 5: Installing the Service Appliance 100 SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide
ShoreTel 12.1 37
Step 11 Ty p e 2 and press Enter. The Change IP subnet mask prompt appears.
Step 12 Type the IP address of the subnet where the SA-100 is to appear.
Step 13 Ty p e 3 and press Enter. The Change gateway IP address prompt appears.
Step 14 Type the IP address of the gateway that you want the SA-100 to use.
Step 15 Ty p e 0 and Enter to return to the Change System Congifuration menu.
Step 16 Type 4 and press Enter to reboot. The prompt Are you sure you want to
reboot? appears.
Step 17 Ty p e y. The prompt Save your changes? appears.
Step 18 Ty p e y. The SA-100 will save the static IP settings and reboot.
5.6 Using DHCP to Set the IP Address
You can use DHCP to assign IP address information to the SA-100. If you want to use
DHCP to configure the SA-100, be sure to configure the DCHCP server with information
for the SA-100 before you connect the unit to the network and turn it on. Doing so makes
it easier to locate the unit on the network after the IP address is assigned.
To set DHCP to assign IP address information to the SA-100,
Specify a permanent lease for the SA-100.
Provide the Ethernet address of the SA-100 to the DHCP server
NOTE: You can use a terminal emulator as described in "Setting the IP Address
Manually" section on page 34 to obtain the Ethernet address from the SA-
Make sure that the NTP server IP address is passed to the SA-100.
Refer to the documentation for the DHCP server for instructions on how to configure the
DHCP server to set parameters on a network device.
5.7 Plugging the SA-100 into the Network
The ShoreTel SA-100 is equipped with two Ethernet ports. The second port provides fault-
tolerant protection by providing a second circuit for the unit to communicate with the
network should a failure occur within the first circuit. You can connect both ports to the
same network or connect the second port to a remote network. The first method provides
protection in case cable or port fails. The second method provides protection in case the
SA-100 cannot communicate with the gateway to which it is assigned. This section
describes how to connect the Ethernet ports.
To connect the Ethernet ports, do the following:
NOTE For guaranteed voice quality, we recommend that you connect all ShoreTel
components to an isolated LAN segment.
NOTE If you are planning to use both Ethernet ports and DHCP, turn the power on to the
unit and let the network assign an IP address to the first port before you connect
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