ShoreTel 12.1 39
Configuring the SA-100 for
To use a ShoreTel SA-100 appliance in the ShoreTel telephone system, you must register the
appliance with the system and configure the system to use the appliance. This registration
and configuration is done in ShoreWare Director. This chapter provides information about
registering and configuring an SA-100 in ShoreWare Director. For information about
ShoreWare Director, see ShoreTel 12.1: System Administration Guide.
Topics discussed include:
"Getting Started" section on page 39
"Installing Licenses" section on page 40
"Turing Off Port 5004 for RTP" section on page 42
"Setting Up the System for Conferencing and IM" section on page 43
"Creating SA-100 Users" section on page 57
"Setting Up Instant Messaging" section on page 58
"Viewing the Service Appliance Conference Administration User Interface" section
on page 60
NOTE During the ShoreWare Director configuration, the appliance may require a
firmware upgrade to the latest version. Upgrading the firmware of an SA-100
located at a remote site requires a minimum bandwidth of 384 kbps between the
appliance and the ShoreTel headquarters server providing the upgrade firmware. A
remote upgrade may not be possible if the minimum required bandwidth is not
available. The firmware upgrade requires 45 minutes at the minimum bandwidth;
higher bandwidth reduces the upgrade time.
6.1 Getting Started
This section lists a summary of tasks to perform and their order of completion for
configuring your SA-100. Before you begin configuring the appliance, make sure it has
been properly installed as described in previous sections of this guide.
After the physical installation and network configuration of the SA-100 is completed,
ShoreWare Director must be used to add the appliance into the single-image environment
of the ShoreTel system and then to configure its parameters.
This configuration process occurs in the following order:
1. Launch ShoreWare Director
2. Configure System Parameters:
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