SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 6: Configuring the SA-100 for Operation
Install Licenses.
Configure Other Parameters.
—Configure SNMP.
Make sure port 5004 is turned off.
Configure System Extensions.
Configure Digit Translation Tables (if required).
3. Configure each ShoreTel site that will host a SA-100
4. Add the Service Appliances to the selected ShoreTel Sites.
5. Configure ShoreTel Instant Messaging Service
6. Configure Web Conference Parameters through the Web Conference
Administration User Interface.
7. Configure Appliance Firewall
8. Configure HTTPS (if secure Web sessions will be used)
9. Configure Users to access the ShoreTel Conferencing and Instant Messaging
6.2 Installing Licenses
You must install an Audio Conference License and a Web Conference License for each
audio and Web conference you want the ShoreTel system to support. A license must also be
enabled for each instant message (IM) user. Each SA-100 can support up to 50
simultaneous audio conferences, 30 simultaneous Web conferences, and 500 IM users. The
ShoreTel system can support up to 250 simultaneous conference participants or 2500
simultaneous active IM users. This section describes how to obtain and install conference
6.2.1 Obtaining Conference License
To obtain a conference licenses, do the following:
Step 1 Contact your ShoreTel partner or reseller and purchase the number and type of
licenses you need. The partner or reseller will give you a purchase order
Step 2 Launch ShoreWare Director
Step 3 Click Administrator > System Parameters >Licenses > Keys. The License Keys
page appears.
Step 4 Click the Register and Request System Key button at the top of the page. The
Contact Information page appears.
Step 5 Enter the information requested in the Register and request system key section.
Be sure to include the Sales order number from your purchase and your
primary contact information.
Step 6 Click the Now button above the information fields.
Your request is sent to ShoreTel for processing. Your license key will be sent
6.2.2 Installing the License
To install the license, do the following:
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