Chapter 6: Configuring the SA-100 for Operation SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide
ShoreTel 12.1 43
Step 3 Uncheck the Always Use Port 5004 for RTP check box.
Step 4 Click Save.
6.4 Setting Up the System for Conferencing and IM
This section describes how to set up the ShoreTel system to use the SA-100.
6.4.1 Adding a SA-100 to a ShoreTel Site
After you have installed the SA-100 on the network, you must associate the unit with a
ShoreTel site. A ShoreTel site is defined as a region managed by a ShoreTel server. You will
need the following SA-100 information to associate the unit with a site:
IP address
Ethernet address
NOTE You can use the terminal emulation procedure described in "Setting the IP Address
Manually" section on page 34 to obtain this information.
NOTE If the SA-100 is installed inside the DMZ, be sure that routable traffic between the
DMZ and LAN is enabled and NAT is disabled.
To associate an SA-100 with a ShoreTel site, do the following:
1. Launch and login to ShoreWare Director with system administrator privilege.
2. In the ShoreWare Director pane, click Administration > Platform Hardware > Voice
Switches/Service Appliances > Primary. The Primary Voice Switches/Service
Appliance page appears in the right-hand window as shown in Figure 6-2.
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