Chapter 6: Configuring the SA-100 for Operation SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide
ShoreTel 12.1 45
Figure 6-3 Service Appliance Page
6. Enter the appropriate information to register the SA-100 with the ShoreTel system.
Table 6-1 provides information about the registration fields.
Table 6-1 Registration Fields for the SA-100
Field Description
*Name Enter the name that you want to use to identify the SA-
*Site Verify that the site listed is the site you want this SA-100 to
*IP Address Enter the IP Address assigned to the SA-100.
You can use the Find Switch feature to select SA-100 units
that are on the same network segment as the headquarters
*Ethernet Address Enter the Ethernet address (MAC address) found on the
ShoreTel Inc. label on the back of the unit.
*Fully Qualified Domain
Enter the complete domain name or IP address assigned to
the SA-100 server. (You can click Ping to verify that the
unit can be found on the network.)
*Server to Manage Switch Select the ShoreTel server that you want to use to manage
the SA-100.
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