Chapter 6: Configuring the SA-100 for Operation SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide
ShoreTel 12.1 49
Step e Click Save. The new range appears in the Trusted IP Range page.
Step f Check the check box of the range that you want to use.
6.4.5 Configuring the Conference Web Page
A ShoreWare Director user with administration privilege can customize the Web page that
the current SA-100 generates for conferences. The administrator can change the logo that
appears, place a link behind the logo that redirects the user to another site, and change the
name that appears on the page.
NOTE If after you install and configure the SA-100 you use a Windows server machine to
access the conferencing Web page, make sure that your browser allows JavaScript
to download. JavaScript is required to render the conference Web page.
NOTE You must create an administrator user account in ShoreWare Director to access the
page that lets you configure conference Web page. You cannot use the default user
ID and password (admin and changeme) to access this page.
To customize the conference Web page for the SA-100, do the following:
Step 1 Log in to ShoreWare Director as a user with administration privilege.
NOTE The default user ID and password (admin and changeme) are not
supported for this application. You must use an administrator
Step 2 Click Administration > Platform Hardware > Voice Switches/Service
Appliances > Primary. The Primary Voice Switches/ Service Appliance page
appears as shown in Figure 6-7.
Figure 6-7 Primary Voice Switches/Service Appliance Page for SA-100
Step 3 Locate the SA-100 for which you want to modify the conference Web page and
click Launch in the Quick Launch column. The Service Appliance Conference
Administration page appears as shown in Figure 6-8.
NOTE You must log in to ShoreWare Director using an administrator
account to see the Quick Launch option.
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