Chapter 6: Configuring the SA-100 for Operation SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide
ShoreTel 12.1 51
Step 7 In the Window Title field, enter the name that you want to use as the identifier
for conferences managed by this SA-100. The name will appear on the browser
tab of active conferences. The default name is ShoreTel Conference.
Step 8 To create footers that appears at the bottom of the conference Web page, do the
Step a In a Footer Label field, enter the name that you want to appear as a footer at
the bottom of conference Web pages.
Step b Click Submit to create the footer. The page refreshes.
Step c Click Edit page next to the footer label for which you want to provide text.
The “Edit footer name” page appears.
Step d Enter the text that you want to appear when a user clicks the footer. You can
use an HTML text to populate the field.
Step e Click Submit. The page refreshes.
The footer will appear on the bar at the bottom of the conference Web page.
User access the message by clicking the footer label.
NOTE To remove a footer, erase the footer label and click Submit.
Step 9 Click Submit to save your changes.
NOTE The remaining fields are not used.
6.4.6 Configuring the Parameters for the Client Interface
You can set interface parameters that affect conference participants. You can insert a logo
on the viewer Web page, activate a tone that signals a user joining a conference, and you
can set up a link that directs participants to a Web page at the completion of their
conference. To configure these parameters for the client interface, do the following:
Step 1 Log in to ShoreWare Director as a user with administration privilege.
NOTE The default user ID and password are not supported for this
Step 2 Click Administration > Platform Hardware > Voice Switches/Service
Appliances > Primary. The Primary Voice Switches/ Service Appliance page
Step 3 Locate the SA-100 for which you want to modify the conference interface and
in the Quick Launch column click Launch. The Service Appliance Conference
Administration page appears as shown in Figure 6-8 on page 50.
Step 4 Click Conference Viewer. The Conference Viewer page appears as shown in
Figure 6-10.
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