SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 6: Configuring the SA-100 for Operation
Figure 6-10Conference Viewer Page
Step 5 In the Logo field, enter the path to the logo that you want to appear on the
conference viewer page.
Step 6 To have conference sound a tone when a new participant enters, do either of
the following in the Alert Sound section:
Click the Yes radio button to activate the tone.
Click the No radio button to deactivate the tone.
Step 7 In the Exit Page field, enter the path to the page that you want to direct
participants to when the conference ends.
Step 8 Click Submit.
6.4.7 Configuring HTTPS
ShoreTel support HTTPS for secure conference calls. Secure ShoreTel Web conferencing
uses 2048-bit encryption. To provide HTTPS security to conference users, you must upload
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates or Unified Communication Certificates (UCC) on
each SA-100 that you want to provide HTTPS security. This section describes how to obtain
an SSL certificate and how to install the certificate on SA-100 units. Obtaining an SSL Certificate
If you already have an SSL certificate, you can install it on your SA-100. See "Uploading an
HTTPS Certificate" section on page 55 for instructions about installing an SSL certificate. If
you do not have an SSL certificate, ShoreTel recommends that you purchase an SSL
certificate from a reputable Certificate Authority (CA). To purchase such a certificate, you
must first create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to present to the CA. You can create a
CSR in ShoreWare Director as follows:
Step 1 Launch ShoreWare Director as a user with administrator privilege. (The default
administrator, admin, cannot be used.)
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