SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 6: Configuring the SA-100 for Operation
Step d In the Private Key field, enter or browse to the path to the file that contains
the Private Key that you want to use.
Step e Click Upload.
Step 6 Click Restart Web Server. This reboots the SA-100 and activates all certificates
when the unit restarts. Enabling HTTPS
You must have a certificate to run HTTPS. If you already have a certificate, use the process
described in "Uploading an HTTPS Certificate" section on page 55 to upload it to the
appliance. (Wildcard certificates need be uploaded once only. These certificates are
automatically transferred to SA-100s already installed on the system and to new SA-100s
after they are installed.) If you do not have a certificate, you can obtain one (see "Obtaining
an SSL Certificate" section on page 52 for instruction about obtaining a certificate) or the
system will automatically create a self-signing SSL certificate and private key. A self-signing
certificate will allow an SA-100 to create and participate in HTTPS conferences, but as the
certificate is not issued by a third party HTTPS security is not optimized. When a self-
signing certificate is used, users trying to access the secure conference site will receive a
warning message that the security provided is not guarantied.
You can also enable HTTPS on selected SA-100 or on all SA-100 in your system. Because
the ShoreTel system uses a distributed approach, we recommends that you enable HTTPS
on all of your SA-100s. The distributed approach ShoreTel uses means that multiple SA-
100s can be used in a single conference. In conferences where HTTPS is used, SA-100s that
are not configured to use HTTPS cannot communicate with SA-100s that are using HTTPS
and are not allowed to join.
ShoreTel recommends that if you enable HTTPS on one SA-100 in your environment, that
you enable it on all SA-100s in your environment. Mixing HTTPS-enabled SA-100s with
SA-100s that do not have HTTPS enabled can cause problems. Users assigned to appliances
without HTTPS get an error when they try to access library files stored on an HTTPS-
enabled SA-100. The user is able to view the files, but a horizontal blue stripe appears on
the right hand side of the pane when they access the files.
This section describes how to enable HTTPS on an SA-100. To enable HTTPS on an SA-
100, do the following:
Step 1 Launch ShoreWare Director as a user with administrator privilege. (The default
administrator, admin, cannot be used.)
Step 2 Click Administration > Platform Hardware > Voice Switches/Service
Appliances > Primary. The Primary Voice Switches/Service Appliances page
Step 3 Select an SA-100 listing and in the Quick Launch column click Launch. The
Service Appliance Conference Administration Conferences page appears as
shown in Figure 6-11 on page 53.
Step 4 Click the HTTPS tab. The HTTPS tab appears as shown in Figure 6-12 on page
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