Chapter 6: Configuring the SA-100 for Operation SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide
ShoreTel 12.1 61
6.7.1 Conferences
The default view for the administrator when they enter the Conference Administration UI
is Conferences. This page allows the administrator to view a list of conferences hosted on
the system. This screen allows filters to display the following information:
Show all conferences, all conferences in progress (including instant conferences
initiated through ShoreTel Communicator), or all recordings.
Show conferences/recordings hosted on all appliances or by a specific appliance.
Search for specific conferences by access codes or name. Search is not case-
Maximum number of conferences/recordings displayed per page is fixed at 10.
Shows the dates and times for all scheduled conferences, but no dates for
reservationless conferences.
Additionally, the Administrator can delete conferences if required to manage appliance
loading. Any in-progress conferences which is deleted will result in ending that conference.
6.7.2 Reports
The Reports page allows the administrator to access and download usage information from
any one or all appliances in the system. To access the Reports page, do the following:
Step 1 Launch ShoreWare Director as a user with administrator privilege. (The default
administrator, admin, cannot be used.)
Step 2 Click Administration > Platform Hardware > Voice Switches/Service
Appliances > Primary. The Primary Voice Switches/Service Appliances page
Step 3 Select an SA-100 listing and in the Quick Launch column click Launch. The
Service Appliance Conference Administration Conferences page appears as
shown in Figure 6-13 on page 60.
Step 4 Click the Reports tab. The Web Conference Reports tab appears as shown in
Figure 6-15
Figure 6-15Web Conference Reports Tab
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