ShoreTel 12.1 63
ShoreWare Director provides operational maintenance information for all appliances as
well as switches, ports, servers and services.
This section summarizes information available regarding the Service Appliance 100. For
detailed explanations of maintenance options for all system components see the ShoreTel
12.1: System Administration Guide and ShoreTel 12.1: Maintenance Guide.
Topics discussed include:
"Quick Look" section on page 63
"Viewing System Information" section on page 65
"Viewing Maintenance Information for an SA-100" section on page 66
"Audio and Web Conferencing Activity" section on page 70
"IM Servers Maintenance Summary" section on page 72
7.1 Quick Look
The Quick Look maintenance panel provides a snapshot of the entire ShoreTel system. It
includes information about each site and the corresponding system devices. To view Quick
Look in ShoreWare Director, open an Internet browser and launch ShoreWare Director.
Refer to the ShoreTel 12.1: System Administration Guide for information about the
browsers ShoreWare Director supports and about launching ShoreWare Director. The
Quick Look panel appears as shown in Figure 7-1.
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