Chapter 7: Maintenance SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide
ShoreTel 12.1 65
Conferencing: Provides system-wide information about Web and audio conferencing
In-Use: Indicates the total number of audio and Web conference ports currently
in use.
Licensed Capacity: Indicates the number of audio and Web licenses available in
your system.
System Capacity: Indicates the maximum number of simultaneous audio and
Web conferences requested.
7.2 Viewing System Information
You can view information about the system configuration of your SA-100s by site. To the
system information, do the following:
Step 1 Launch ShoreWare Director with administrator privilege. The Quick Look
panel appears.
Step 2 In the Site column, select the site on which the SA-100 that you want to view is
installed. The Maintenance Switches and Service Appliance Summary panel
appears as shown in Figure 7-2.
Figure 7-2 Maintenance Switches Summary panel
The columns on the Maintenance - Voice Switches and Service Appliances Summary panel
that are relevant to the Service Appliance 100 are as follows:
Switch/Appliance - the name of the Service Appliance 100.
Type - the ShoreTel nomenclature (e.g SA-100 Collab).
IP Address - the IP address of the SA-100.
MAC Address - the ethernet address of the SA-100.
Comm: This indicates the number of voice switches with which this switch is
currently communicating. This is expressed as a fraction (# switches communicating
/# total switches).
Clicking the Comm fraction takes you to the Switch Connectivity panel, which
provides more detail on each switch’s communication status. See section 7.4.2 for
Audio Ports: The number of current audio ports in use on the SA-100.
Web Ports: The number of current Web sessions in use on the SA-100.
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