SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 7: Maintenance
Conference: Indicates the number of active conference and the number of available
conference licenses.
Usage: This is the usage state of the switch.
UnknownThe usage state is unknown. This might be true because
communication between the server and the switch might have been lost.
In UseAt least one port or IP phone has an active call.
Off HookAt least one port or IP phone is off-hook, but no ports are in use.
IdleThere are no ports or IP phones off-hook or in-use.
Service: This is the service state of the switch.
Lost CommunicationThe server lost communication with the appliance.
NOTE The appliance may be fully operational but the ShoreTel server cannot see
the appliance due to a networking issue. This also occurs when the
appliance is powered off.
Upgrade in ProgressThe appliance is currently being upgraded with a new
software version.
Firmware Version MismatchThe appliance is running a version of software
that does not match the version on the server. The appliance continues to
provide audio and Web conferencing and IM services, but does not have access
to any voice services on the server. This typically happens on software upgrades
after the server was upgraded but before the appliances were restarted and
In ServiceThis means the appliance is operating with normal communications
at the correct firmware level.
Command: The Command menu allows for issuing commands to a specific device,
while the Apply This Command to All Switches and Appliances menu allows for
issuing commands to all switches and appliances at a site.
From the Command Menu for the Service Appliance 100, either a Restart or a Reboot
command may be issued. The Restart command will restart the application layer,
while the Reboot command will reboot the Linux kernel and all other components of
the operating system and then restart the application layer.
For more information about the Maintenance - Voice Switches and Service Appliances
Summary panel, refer to the ShoreTel 12.1: System Administration Guide.
7.3 Viewing Maintenance Information for an SA-100
To view maintenance information for a particular SA-100, do the following:
Step 1 Launch ShoreWare Director with administrator privilege. The Quick Look
panel appears.
Step 2 In the Site column, select the site in which the SA-100 that you want to view
maintenance information is installed. The Maintenance - Voice Switches and
Service Appliances Summary panel appears.
Step 3 In the Switch/Appliance column, select the SA-100 for which you want to view
maintenance information. The Service Appliance Maintenance panel appears as
shown in Figure 7-2.
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