SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide Chapter 7: Maintenance
Figure 7-5 Switch Connectivity panel
The Switch Connectivity panel includes the following:
Connectivity Grid: The following indicators provide information about the listed
—Green (C
) indicates that the switch/appliance is connected and communicating
with other switches/appliances in the system.
Yellow (U) indicates that the switch/appliance connectivity is unknown because
it cannot communicate with TMS.
—Red (N) indicates that the switch/appliance has lost communications with the
For more detailed information about a switch/appliance, place the mouse cursor over the
connectivity cell in question and status information is displayed in the status bar at the
bottom of your browser.
7.4 Audio and Web Conferencing Activity
The Service Appliances Maintenance Screen shows the number of ports currently being
used for audio and Web conferencing, the number of available ports allocated for
conferencing and the overall load on the appliances at each site in the system.
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