ShoreTel 12.1 73
Going Live and Training
This chapter provides the requirements and other information for introducing the Service
Appliance 100 and ShoreTel Conferencing services to your organization. The topic
discussed include:
"Complete Operational Testing of SA-100" section on page 73
"Assign Users to Each SA-100" section on page 74
"Verify Licensing" section on page 74
"Distribute User Guides" section on page 74
"Training" section on page 75
8.1 Complete Operational Testing of SA-100
After you have installed the SA-100, you should test the system to make sure that
conferencing and IM services are working properly before making them available to the
community. Testing should include the following tasks for both single appliance and multi-
appliance installations:
Verify the ShoreTel Audio Conference service can be accessed on each appliance by
dialing the audio conference extension and then by pressing the conference button
on a user’s IP telephone.
Verify a user’s conference is hosted on their assigned SA-100.
Verify the Global ShoreTel Audio Conference extension routes users to the closest
appliance relative to the caller. Verify that once the User enters the conference access
code, the call is routed to the appliance that is hosting the conference.
Verify external callers can access audio conferences through the external numbers
established for audio conferencing access.
Verify default Music on hold (MoH) is broadcast from each appliance to a caller
using that appliance. If custom .wav files are used for MoH, verify each appliance has
been loaded with the correct .wav file and that this broadcasts while participants wait
for a conference to start.
Verify both internal and external Web participants can access the conference website
and enter and participate in Web conferences.
Verify the ShoreTel Conferencing service can successfully out-dial to selected
participants during conferences, both during participant login as well as when
directed by the conference host.
Verify Outlook integration is functioning properly by scheduling and accessing
ShoreTel meetings with Outlook appointments.
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