Chapter 8: Going Live and Training SA-100 Planning, Installation and Administration Guide
ShoreTel 12.1 75
8.5 Training
ShoreTel is committed to ensuring our customers have the tools and knowledge base they
need to take full advantage of the capabilities offered with the installation of an SA-100 and
ShoreTel Conferencing features, as well as the entire ShoreTel system.
It is critical that all users be familiar with ShoreTel Conferencing services before the system
is placed into production.
Be sure to consider training needs as personnel staffing changes over time.
Online training for the SA-100 and ShoreTel Conferencing services includes the following:
Installing, Administering and Using the Service Appliance 100, an online, virtual
live-training class administered by ShoreTel.
Using ShoreTel Conferencing, an online self-paced training course designed to
familiarize users and administrators with the capabilities and use of all ShoreTel
Conferencing features.
For more information, please contact your ShoreTel-authorized partner or visit the
ShoreTel Website
Figure 8-1 ShoreTel Website - Training
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