ShoreTel 12.1 77
Backup and Restore
This chapter describes the process for enabling automatic backup of SA-100 files and data.
Should an appliance experience a catastrophic failure or a data corruption, the availability
of regular backup files can simplify recovery and minimize the cost of such a failure. The
topics discussed include:
"Service Appliance 100 Backup" section on page 77
"Service Appliance 100 Restore" section on page 79
9.1 Service Appliance 100 Backup
Daily backup of ShoreTel SA-100 appliances data is recommended to protect critical data
on the SA-100. This feature is not meant as a method of archiving or as a method for
retrieving accidentally deleted files.
The files containing user library data, conference recordings and user images, collectively
referred to as content files should be backed up on a daily basis.
Backup can occur while conferences are in progress including the files of any conference
currently in progress. However, only files that are not being modified will be backed up to
protect data integrity.
When the back up process starts, library content upload will be disabled. Library content
currently in the process of uploading will be allowed to complete before the back up starts.
Once back up is complete, upload of library content is re-enabled. If the user attempts to
upload content while the upload is disabled, they will see a message indicating that upload
is temporarily unavailable.
Any machine capable of supporting an FTP server can be the target of a backup. The FTP
server must be RFC 959 compliant and additionally support the commands MDTM and
SIZE. The FTP servers on Win2003 and WIN XP meet these requirements.
If multiple appliances are backing up to the same FTP server, the target directory should be
configured differently for each appliance.
An on-demand backup can be performed on demand by establishing an SSH or serial
connection to the appliance and then using CMCA ServicesMgr command line interface
(svccli) commands.
The backup will only execute if backup is enabled. See the ShoreTel Maintenance Guide for
detailed instructions for executing an on-demand backup.
NOTE ShoreTel recommends the SA-100 be installed on the same network as the FTP
backup server to avoid bandwidth issues.
NOTE The SA-100 can generate more than 1GB of data files per day and easily have more
than 100GB stored internally.
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