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Service Appliance 100 Overview
This document is designed for planners and system administrators looking to deploy
ShoreTel® Service Appliance 100 (referred to throughout this document as SA-100) units
in their ShoreTel system to perform conferencing and instant message services.
The SA-100 is a ShoreTel appliance that installs on your network and augments the
ShoreTel system with conferencing and instant messaging services. The SA-100 gives
ShoreTel system users the ability to create and participate in scheduled and impromptu
media-rich conferences and in instant messaging. The SA-100s support audio and Web
conferences, allows third-party calendars such as Microsoft® Outlook® to schedule
conferences, and supports load distribution whereby SA-100 units work together to
provide least-cost-routing to reduce telephony cost.
This chapter presents an overview of the ShoreTel Service Appliance 100 (SA-100),
including a description of the integrated applications and capacities to guide you in
planning your installation. The topics are discusses in this chapter include:
"About the ShoreTel SA-100" section on page 9
"Distributed Conferencing Capabilities" section on page 10
"Single System Management" section on page 10
"Integrated Services" section on page 11
"ShoreTel Conferencing and IM Capacities" section on page 12
"Service Appliance Failover" section on page 12
"Service Appliance Logs and Records" section on page 12
"Integration with ShoreTel Communicator and Microsoft Outlook" section on page
"Host and Participant Desktop Requirements" section on page 13
1.1 About the ShoreTel SA-100
The ShoreTel SA-100 is a 1U, dedicated, plug-and-play appliance designed to integrate
seamlessly into the ShoreTel system and to install where you need it on your network to
provide cost-effective conferencing and instant messaging (IM) services for ShoreTel
system users.
The 1U footprint means that unit is suitable for 19-inch equipment racks. The unit is
shipped with a versatile rack-mounting kit that easily accommodates different rack styles
and a locking ShoreTel front bezel.
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