Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 11
1. When you receive an email message from either your ShoreTel Mobility administrator or from the
ShoreTel Mobility Router, download and install the client, as follows:
From your mobile device on site—If you are on-site at your company, select the link in the
email message to go directly to a web page which guides you through downloading and
installing the client.
From your mobile device, remotely—Copy and paste the link from the email message into
your mobile device’s browser to go to a web site for instructions.
From a computer—If you are reading the email message on your computer, use a QR code
reader app on your mobile device to scan the QR code in the email message. You can
download a free QR code reader app from the your mobile phone’s app store.
2. After you install the ShoreTel Mobility Client, on your mobile device, select the provisioning link
from the ShoreTel email message.
3. Follow the prompts to provision your mobile device.
4. If prompted, enter your enterprise password.
5. Open your Apps menu to locate the ShoreTel application icon and touch and hold it to move it to
your home screen for easy access.
If you have the ShoreTel Mobility Client running on a device and you see a prompt that it requires
provisioning or that it is “Not Provisioned,” reprovision it as follows:
1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network or if your ShoreTel Mobility user account is configured to access
Secure Enterprise Services using cellular data, you can provision while connected to a cellular
data network.
2. From the main ShoreTel Mobility screen, touch < to open the ShoreTel options menu.
3. Select Settings > Advanced > Provisioning.
4. Read and Accept the Emergency Call Warning page to continue.If you do not accept the
Emergency Call Warning, the ShoreTel Mobility Client exits without provisioning.
5. If you are connected to your enterprise local Wi-Fi network, select Next and continue to the next
step. Otherwise, enter your password and set Remote Provisioning to ON and select Next.
You can provision up to 5 devices (per account) based how your ShoreTel Mobility Router is
configured. Check with your ShoreTel Mobility administrator if you encounter a conflict. The
Primary Device is how your location is determined your location, so it should be the device you
carry all the time. You can use all of your devices to make or receive calls, instant messages, and
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