Version 7.0 ShoreTel Mobility User’s Guide 23
Using Personal Dial (Dual Persona™) Mode
By default, Business Dial is enabled, which means when you place a call with your mobile device
while running the application, the call is routed through the enterprise, and your caller ID is your
enterprise phone number. Business dial through the enterprise gives you access to one enterprise
phone number, enterprise telephony features, conference calling, transfer-to-desk-functionality, and so
Switch to Personal Dial (Dual Persona) mode when you want to place a call directly over the cellular
network (not routed through the enterprise) and use your mobile device’s phone number as the
caller ID.
For example, if your enterprise phone number is 919-8000, this number is used as the caller ID when
you make phone calls that are used in Business Dial mode. If the phone number of your cell phone is
555-4442, when you place a call with Personal Dial enabled, the caller ID used is 555-4442, and the
call is directly placed over the cellular network.
Enabling/Disabling Personal Dial
Business Dial is the default mode. To use Personal Dial for your current call only, from the keypad,
enter the number you want to dial, and then touch the icon in the lower left corner. In the popup menu,
select Personal Dial.
You can also touch your extension in the icon bar at the top, or select the Android menu key and select
Set Personal Dial in the menu that pops up. The Personal Dial icon appears in the icon bar, and your
cellular phone number replaces the extension number. You briefly see the message Personal Dial is
enabled. Personal Dial mode stays on until you switch it off.
To disable Personal Dial and return to Business Dial mode touch your cellular phone number in the
icon bar, or select the Android Menu to view a popup screen and select Set Business Dial. The
Personal Dial icon disappears from the icon bar, and your extension replaces your cellular number.
You briefly see the message Business Dial is enabled.
Using Contacts and
Rece nt s
to Place Calls from the
ShoreTel Mobility Client
You can use the Contacts and Recents on your mobile device with the ShoreTel application.
Using Contacts to Place Calls
From the application main menu, select Contacts. Select the name of the contact and select the
appropriate number (home, work, etc.).
Personal Dial mode stays on until you select Business Dial again.
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