Chapter 6: Conference Viewer Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 103
Table 6-3 More Menu Options
6.4.2 Send Email Invitations
The conference host can send email invitations from a conference session.
The invitation uses the ShoreTel email template, which includes dialing and access
information for the current conference. Text can be edited.Join a conference as the host.
Step 1 Click More > Send Invitation.
The Send Invitation dialog is opened (Figure 6-6).
Step 2 Enter email addresses (separate addresses with commas).
Step 3 Enter text.
Step 4 Click Send Email to use the email server of the ShoreTel system to send the email.
Or, click Send From Default Email Application to use the default email
application installed on the current computer to send the invitation.
Step 5 Click Cancel to close the dialog and discard the email.
Option Description
Mute All Place all participants on mute. Host, if present on call, is never muted by this function.
Unmute All Undo mute.
Call Participant Dial number of participant to join the audio conference associated with current Web
Call Me Dial your extension to join audio conference associated with current Web conference.
Send Invitation Send e-mail invitation to join conference. Invitation includes conference information
automatically. You must enter the e-mail addresses of participants.
Record Conference Record conference.
Locked Conference Limit conference participants to those already in attendance. Those trying to join locked
conferences receive a prompt indicating that conference is closed to new participants.
Restart Conference Restart the conference. Current members are re-entered automatically.
Note: If host service appliance is operating at capacity for Web user when host restarts
conference, Web participants are redirected to ShoreTel conference Web portal and
receive the error message: “Web capacity is full on this Service Appliance. Please try
again later.” Participants must manually re-enter Web session.
End Conference End conference.
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