Conferencing User Guide Chapter 6: Conference Viewer
Figure 6-6 Send Invitation Dialog Box
6.4.3 Record Conferences
The host can record conferences.
A recording can be started and stopped at any point during the conference, and multiple
recordings can be made of the same conference.
Each recording is assigned a recording ID and listed under the recording tab in the Web
conference portal for the conference.
Both audio and Web portions of the conference are recorded.
NOTE You can record up to eight consecutive hours in a conference. Start a Recording from a Web Conference Page
Step 1 Join a conference as the host.
Step 2 Dial into the conference, or make sure that someone has dialed into the
NOTE You must stop ShoreTel desktop sharing or any streaming application
before you can start recording.
Step 3 Click More > Start Recording:
An audio prompt informs participants that the call is being recorded.
When there is no audio session, a dialog is opened informing you, the host, that
only a Web session is being recorded. Even if a caller joins the conference later,
the system records the web portion only. Click OK to continue.
When desktop sharing is in progress, a dialog is opened informing you that
desktop sharing must be stopped or paused to start the recording. Click OK to stop
desktop sharing. After the recording starts, resume desktop sharing.
Step 4 The recording is started.
The Stop Recording button is displayed on the menu bar.
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