Conferencing User Guide Chapter 6: Conference Viewer
6.5 Participant Panel
This pane shows the names of conference attendees.
The Participant Panel on the host desktop shows how participants joined the conference.
From here, the host can manage participants.
6.5.1 Participant Options
The Participant Options allow the host to manage the Web session of a selected participant.
(The participant must have an established Web connection.)
The host can manage desktop sharing and whiteboard use.
The host can also end the Web session of a participant.
Step 1 Log into a conference as the host.
Step 2 In the Participant panel, select a Web session participant.
The Participant Options are enabled.
Step 3 Click Participant Options.
The Participant Options drop-down menu is opened (Figure 6-9).
Step 4 Click an option (Table 6-4).
It is applied to the participant, and the icon for the option is posted next to the
name of the participant in the Participant panel.
Figure 6-9 Participant Options Icon Drop-down Menu
Table 6-4 Participant Options
Allow presenting Allow participant to present.
Discontinue presenting End participant presentation.
Allow drawing Allow participant to use whiteboard. (Host must enable whiteboard first.)
Discontinue drawing End participant whiteboard use.
Remove participant Remove participant from conference Web session.
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