Conferencing User Guide Chapter 6: Conference Viewer
6.8 Sharing
6.8.1 Download Library File for Conference
Conference presenters can download files stored in the ShoreTel Web conferencing library to
share with participants. The files can reside in your personal library or the shared library.
Step 1 Join the Web session of a conference.
NOTE If you are not the host of the conference, you must sign in to access files
in your personal library. You are reconnected to the conference with a
new status.
Step 2 Obtain presenter privilege.
The Share menu is opened on your conference viewer.
Step 3 Click Share.
The Share menu is opened.
Step 4 Click the library type.
NOTE If you are not the host, you must sign into the conference before the
Personal Library option is opened.
Step 5 Click a file.
The file is opened and is displayed in the conference viewer.
6.8.2 Send a File
You can send a file to participants for viewing or downloading at their convenience during the
Step 1 Join a conference and secure share privileges.
Step 2 Click Share.
The Share menu is opened.
Step 3 Click Send File.
The Select a file to upload dialog is opened.
Step 4 Select a file.
Step 5 Click Open, Download, or X.
Open: file is opened on the computer.
Download: file is downloaded to current computer.
X: Dialog is closed.
NOTE You can access the file any time during the conference by clicking the
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