Chapter 8: Microsoft Outlook Integration Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 117
Microsoft Outlook Integration
8.1 Introduction
ShoreTel conferencing integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2007 Calendar and Microsoft
Outlook 2010 Calendar to allow you to create and post ShoreTel conferences in the Microsoft
Outlook calendar.
This chapter describes how to install the ShoreTel module in the Microsoft Outlook calendar
and how to use the module to create and access ShoreTel conferences.
Topics include:
"Integrating with Microsoft Outlook Calendar"
"Creating a Conference in Outlook"
"Joining a Scheduled Conference from Outlook"
"Delete Conference Component from Outlook Meeting"
"Changing Conference Settings in Outlook"
"Integrating with Microsoft Outlook Calendar"
8.2 Integrating with Microsoft Outlook Calendar
Step 1 Close Microsoft Outlook.
Step 2 Launch ShoreTel Communicator.
Step 3 On the toolbar, click Tools > Options (or, click the ShoreTel logo and select
Options in the drop-down menu).
The Options and Preferences window is opened.
Step 4 In the menu, click Outlook.
The Outlook page is opened (Figure 8-1).
Step 5 In the Calendar section, click Install.
NOTE If Outlook is open, the Shutdown Application pop-up is opened. You
can close Outlook or leave Outlook open. Click Ignore. If Outlook is left
open, you must close and re-open it for the install to take effect. When
Outlook is re-opened, the ShoreTel Conference application is displayed
on the toolbar of the Action tab in the Microsoft Calendar.
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