Chapter 8: Microsoft Outlook Integration Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 119
8.3 Creating a Conference in Outlook
Two types of conferences can be scheduled in Outlook:
One-time appointments that occur on a single date and time.
Recurring appointments that occur over a period of time.
NOTE Conferences created in Outlook that have a duration of more than eight hours are
displayed in the ShoreTel conference Web Portal with a duration of eight hours.
8.3.1 Create a Conference on ShoreTel Service Appliance in Microsoft
Step 1 Launch Microsoft Outlook.
Step 2 In the navigation bar, click Calendar.
Step 3 In the menu bar, select Action > New Appointment
A blank Appointment window is opened.
Step 4 Set the parameter for the meeting.
Step 5 Click Conference (in ShoreTel application listing).
Step 6 Click Create.
A ShoreTel conference is created with a unique conference ID.
The conference ID, dial-in number, and other conference information is included
in the e-mail message sent to invitees and in the calendar posting created when the
message is sent.
Step 7 Click Send.
Conferences created in Outlook are displayed in the ShoreTel conference Web
portal. These conferences cannot be modified or deleted using the ShoreTel
conference Web portal.
Recurring conferences created in the ShoreTel conference Web portal are not
displayed in the Outlook calendar.
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