Chapter 8: Microsoft Outlook Integration Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 121
8.6 Changing Conference Settings in Outlook
The following settings can be specified:
conference ownership and access
conference starting points
conference record commentators
password entry
participant entrance and exit signals
8.6.1 Set Conference Parameters
Step 1 Launch Microsoft Outlook.
Step 2 In the navigation bar, click Calendar.
Step 3 Double-click a listed meeting.
The Meeting window is opened.
Step 4 Click ShoreTel Conference.
A drop-down menu is opened.
Step 5 Click Settings.
Conference Settings window is opened (Figure 8-3).
Step 6 Enter Host Code.
Step 7 Enter Participant.
Step 8 Enter My extension (ShoreTel extension of the Host).
Step 9 Click Advanced Options.
Step 10 Select conference parameters (Table 8-1).
Step 11 Click OK.
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