Conferencing User Guide Chapter 8: Microsoft Outlook Integration
122 Conference Parameters: Notes
Note 1
When a change is made in Outlook to the properties of a recurring meeting, the only item the
user can change is the subject of the meeting (not the date or time), because it is considered a
reservationless conference. (Outlook prompts, “This is a recurring appointment, do you want
to open only this occurrence or the series?”)
A change of subject made to a single occurrence (for example, time or day of week) is applied
to the entire series in the ShoreTel Conference Web Portal, even though Outlook reflects only
the change to the single occurrence.
Note 2
When a recurring meeting is scheduled through Outlook, it is displayed in the ShoreTel
Conference Web Portal under the Reservationless conference list.
If a recurring meeting is later changed into a scheduled meeting, the meeting is not moved to
the Scheduled Conference list, even though the meeting type is different.
Note 3
If you do not want to change the entire series or display a meeting appear in an incorrect
meeting list, delete and then recreate the meeting with the correct details or meeting type.
Note 4
Changes to the options do not take effect while the conference is in session.
You must stop/start a conference for options to take effect.
Outlook created cons cannot be edited by the Web Portal.
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