Conferencing User Guide Chapter 2: ShoreTel Conference Web Portal
2.3 My Conferences
From here, you can create and manage your conferences.
If you receive a conference invite, follow the instructions in the message to join a conference,
which direct you to My Conference.
If you are logged into the Web portal, join a conference via My Conference.
My Conferences includes four pages: "Conferences", "Recordings", "Conference Options",
and "Comments".
2.3.1 Conferences
From here, you can create and view conferences (Figure 2-8, Figure 2-9, Table 2-1). Accessing Conferences
Step 1 Click Conferences.
The Conference page is displayed.
NOTE You can also join a conference by entering the access code for the
conference in the Access Code field.
Figure 2-8 My Conferences Tab Web and Audio
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