Chapter 2: ShoreTel Conference Web Portal Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 29
Table 2-5 Personal Library
2.4.1 Add Media to Personal or Shared Library
Step 1 Double-click Personal Library or Shared Library.
Library is highlighted and opened.
Step 2 Click/select a destination folder (pictures, presentations, video files, audio files).
Step 3 Click Add.
The Add to library: Personal Library window is opened (Figure 2-21).
Step 4 Select a Media group.
Step 5 Browse to, select, and open the media.
Step 6 In the Add to library: Media Library window, click File Attributes.
The File Attributes window is opened (Figure 2-22).
Step 7 Enter the attributes.
Step 8 Click OK.
The media is uploaded.
Files cannot exceed 12 MB.
Upload time cannot exceed 10 minutes.
NOTE To import .PPT, ShoreTel Presenter for Windows and MS PowerPoint
must be installed on your local PC.
Fit Window Expand library file section into browser.
Restore Window Revert expanded library view to default library view.
Refresh library Reload library.
Add Add new file to library folder.
Delete Delete a file from library folder.
Edit Add information to file label.
Personal Library Folder Personal (private) folder.
Shared Library Folder Shared (public) folder.
View Panel Viewing area.
Use Presenter Window client Download presenter software for your computer.
Public Open Public tab of ShoreTel conference Web portal.
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