Conferencing User Guide Chapter 2: ShoreTel Conference Web Portal
2.6 Using Conference Web Portal
Public is the home page of the ShoreTel Conference Web portal.
Public is available to all users.
Use Public to join a conference if you do not receive a conference invite or if you are not
logged into the Web portal.
NOTE If you receive a conference invite, follow the instructions in the message to join a
conference, which direct you to the My Conference (page 18). If you are logged into
the Web portal, join a conference via the My Conference (page 18).
Public features five pages (Figure 2-26, Table 2-6): "Conferences Page", "Recordings Page",
"System Test Page", "Speed Test Page", "Download Page".
From Public, you can perform the following tasks:
List conferences available for public access.
List conference recordings available for public access.
Verify your computer is set up to use conference Web.
Verify your computer network connection is adequate for conference Web.
Download and install ShoreTel presentation tools required to use conference Web.
Figure 2-26 Public Tab
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