Chapter 2: ShoreTel Conference Web Portal Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 35
Table 2-6 Public Page
2.6.1 Conferences Page
From here, you can view a list of conferences, join a conference, or post a comment (for
conferences accepting comments). (Figure 2-27, Table 2-7)
Figure 2-27 Public Conferences
Sign In Log into your personal Web conference portal.
Help Launch online help.
Access Code Conference access code. Enter code, then click Join.
Conferences Display Public conferences page, which lists conferences available to all users.
Recordings Display conference recordings available to public.
Conference recordings can be downloaded for later listening.
System Test Test if computer is set up to support Web conferencing.
Speed Test Test speed of network connection between your computer and appliance set up to support Web
Download Display Download page, which includes links to applications that can be installed to facilitate Web
conference presentations.
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