Conferencing User Guide Chapter 3: Creating Conferences
Step 20 In Conference Type, specify how the conference should start:
Start the conference only when host joins: participants are placed on hold until
host joins.
Start the conference only when I join and list the conference on the public page:
host must join conference and place conference information on Conference portal
in Public before participants can join.
Start the conference when anyone joins: conference starts after first person joins.
Start the conference when anyone joins and make everyone a presenter:
conference starts after first person joins, and everyone can present data.
NOTE Conference Type is unavailable for Web conference portal page for audio
Step 21 In Outdial Prompt, specify whether participants (including host) called from
conference are prompted to join conference:
Require Prompt: called parties must press 1 to join.
No Prompt: called parties can join without a prompt.
Step 22 In Comments, specify how participants can place comments in conference record:
Allow public comments: participants can record comments directly into
conference record.
Private comments only: all comments are directed to host for inclusion in
conference record.
Disable comments: participants cannot place comments in conference record.
Step 23 Click Submit.
Conference is created.
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