Chapter 3: Creating Conferences Conferencing User Guide
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Table 3-1 Conference Information Page
3.2.5 Delete a Conference
Step 1 Login to My Conferences.
Step 2 Select a conference.
Step 3 Click Delete.
Step 4 Click OK (conference is deleted), or Cancel (operation is canceled).
NOTE Participants are not automatically notified when a conference is
Figure 3-9 Conference Listing
Figure 3-10 Conference Deletion Dialog Box
Name The conference name.
Hosted by Identifies the conference host.
Join Button that allows you to join the conference now.
Date/Time The date the conference was created and the time it is scheduled to meet.
Duration Specifies how long the conference sessions are scheduled to meet. Identifies the time zone for
which the schedule is calibrated.
Download iCalender Allows you to open the configuration page for the conference in the calendar application in which
the conference was created.
Login Specifies the requirements for participants to join the conference.
Telephone Specifies the phone number participants dial to access the conference. (Often, this number is for
external callers.)
Participant code Access code participants must use to access the conference.
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