Chapter 4: Joining and Hosting a Conference Conferencing User Guide
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Joining and Hosting a Conference
4.1 Introduction
After a conference has been scheduled, the conference host and participants may join the audio
and web conferences in one of four ways:
Participants can click an email link sent when the host scheduled the conference. The
participant may call the conference number listed on the Audio Conference popup
screen or have the system call them at a number of their choice.
A participant can dial directly into an audio conference.
A host can “conference in a participant” by requesting that the system dial the
participant’s number from the Conference Viewer.
A host can add participants users via Phone and via Communicator.
Topics in this chapter include:
Enforced Conference Schedules section on page 57
Join a Conference section on page 57
Host a Conference section on page 66
End a Conference section on page 81
4.2 Enforced Conference Schedules
When the system uses enforced scheduling, conference beginning and end times are enforced
when the host does not join the conference. Participants can log into a conference up to 10
minutes before the start time when the host has not joined.
If the host does not join the conference, the conference is automatically terminated at the
scheduled end time. Five minutes before the conference is scheduled to end, a termination
message is posted on the Web pages of participants. At the appointed time, the session is
terminated and the participants are redirected to the appropriate Web site.
4.3 Join a Conference
Participants can join the conference by clicking the email link sent by the host or accessing the
conference through the Public tab.
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