Chapter 4: Joining and Hosting a Conference Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 65 Join or Start Conference from My Conferences
Step 1 Launch a supported browser.
Step 2 In Address, type the URL of the ShoreTel Conference application (provided by
your system administrator).
The ShoreTel conference Web portal is opened.
Step 3 Click My Conferences.
If you are already signed in, My Conferences is opened.
If not signed in, you are prompted to enter your ShoreTel ID and password. My
Conferences is then opened.
Step 4 Click the name of a conference.
Step 5 Click Join.
The conference session page is launched, and the Audio Conference dialog box is
displayed over the session page (Figure 4-3).
Step 6 Select a way to dial into the audio session of the conference.
I’ll call this number: You dial into audio session of conference.
Call me at this number: Type the number where you can be reached; the
conference calls you.
Step 7 Click OK.
NOTE Click Cancel if you have already dialed in or you do not intend to dial
into the audio session. Join Conference using Access Code
Every conference has an access code for participants and an access code for the host.
The participant code allows the user to join the conference session. The participant code is
provided in the e-mail invitation and the info page for conferences listed on Public.
The host code allows the user to manage the conference session. The host access code is
available in the conference profile.
Step 1 Obtain the participant or host code for the conference.
Step 2 Launch the ShoreTel conference Web portal.
Step 3 In Access Code, enter the access code.
Step 4 Click Join.
If the host access code is entered, the host conference page is launched.
If the participant access code is entered, the participant conference page is
launched and the conference is either started or is waiting to start.
If a participant is informed that there is no conference, the conference is scheduled
to start at another time. In this situation, access the conference within five minutes
of the scheduled start time or when the host has joined the conference.
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