Conferencing User Guide Chapter 4: Joining and Hosting a Conference
66 Conference Session Status
When you join a conference session, the session status is displayed in the session Web page on
the right side of the toolbar:
Blank—The conference is in progress.
“It is too early to start”—Conference is not scheduled to start. Try again later.
“Conference started”—You are the first participant.
“Waiting for conference to start”—You have secured a port but the conference has not
started. Wait for the conference to start.
4.4 Host a Conference
The host is the owner of the conference profile. The host can manage both the profile and
conference sessions.
When the host joins a conference, the Web conference page for the host (see Figure 4-4)is
displayed on host’s desktop. From there, the host can manage the conference session.
The host can share applications, give permission to participants to share applications,
implement recording the session, have the system dial participants, delete participants from
the session, end the session, and more.
For information about host conference viewer, see Host Web Conference Page section on page
NOTE Conferences can be configured and conducted without a host. In unhosted
conferences, session management capability is not available, and scheduling is
enforced if set by the system administrator.
4.4.1 Join Conference as Host
There are two ways to join a conference as a host:
Log in as Host from inside a Conference:
You are automatically made the host of the session.
Log in as Host from ShoreTel Conference Web Portal:
You must log in as the host to host the session. Log in as Host from inside a Conference
Your ShoreTel user ID.
Your ShoreTel user password.
Step 1 Click Login on the ShoreTel conference toolbar.
The Login dialog box is opened.
Step 2 Enter your ShoreTel user ID.
Step 3 Enter your ShoreTel user password.
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