Chapter 4: Joining and Hosting a Conference Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 67
Step 4 Click Sign In.
The browser is refreshed, and the conference host page is opened.
Figure 4-12 Login Dialog Box Log in as Host from ShoreTel Conference Web Portal
Host access code.
Step 1 Access the ShoreTel conference Web page.
Step 2 In Access Code, enter the host access code.
The conference viewer is launched and opened at the host Web page.
4.4.2 Share Desktop
Windows desktops are shared using Windows Presenter. Mac desktops are shared using
ShoreTel Presenter for Java. Initiating Desktop Sharing
Step 1 After starting the conference, click Share on the conference toolbar.
A drop-down menu is opened.
NOTE If sharing for the first time on Windows, you are prompted to select
ShoreTel Presenter. From here, follow the prompts.
Step 2 Choose Entire Desktop.
A red “presenter” frame is drawn around your entire desktop.
See Conference Presenter, starting on page 83 for more information about using
presenter frame.
After desktop sharing is initiated, Presenter provides tools for managing the
shared desktop.
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