Chapter 4: Joining and Hosting a Conference Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 69
Tools for Managing Image Quality and Screen Resolution:
Refresh Rate: Determines how much data is transmitted. Options are low,
medium, and high. Default is medium.
Image Quality: Determines the image quality of data. Options are low, medium,
and high. Default is medium.
My Screen Resolution: Determines the resolution of your screen. Options include
Original, 1024X768, and 800X600. Setting the resolution can impact how
participants see your desktop sharing. Default is Original.
Sharing Help: Explanation for desktop sharing tools.
Close: Close desktop sharing.
Choose Sharing Window: Determines how much of your screen you share (Figure
4-17). Select the application you want to share, or manipulate the presentation
area you want to share.
Figure 4-17 Choose Sharing Window Icon
Figure 4-18 Choose Sharing Window Menu End Desktop Sharing
Click Stop icon (Figure 4-19) or Stop button on toolbar as shown in x.
You can also select Close to end desktop sharing.
Figure 4-19 Stop Icon
Figure 4-20 Stop Button
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