Chapter 4: Joining and Hosting a Conference Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 71 Import Presentations
This option allows you to merge PowerPoint files with the whiteboard for presentations that
you can mark in real time.
When you import a PowerPoint file, the slides are integrated with the whiteboard in the
conference session. The whiteboard tools are displayed with presentation slides on the
conference page, and the conference toolbar is modified so you can select the PowerPoint slide
you want to display.
All participants can use the whiteboard tools to mark slides and select the slide displayed.
Modifications made to the slides using the whiteboard tools are retained as long as the
conference is in session.
The presenter can import multiple PowerPoint files for a single conference session. The names
of the files imported by the presenter are listed in the Share menu of the presenter only. Only
one file can be displayed in the conference viewer at any one time. The files can be used as
long as the conference is in session, even if the presenter leaves the conference.
NOTE This feature is not supported on Macs.
To import and use a PowerPoint file in a Web conference session:
Step 1 Stop sharing the desktop.
Step 2 Click Share.
The Share menu is opened.
Step 3 Click Import Presentation.
The Launch Application dialog box is opened (Figure 4-22).
Step 4 Select VPresent, then click OK.
VPresent is the default value.
The Select File dialog box is opened.
Step 5 Navigate to and select a PowerPoint file.
PowerPoint is launched in the background on the computer.
The presentation slides are loaded and integrated with the whiteboard in the
conference session.
The integrated page is displayed (Figure 4-23).
Step 6 Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for each presentation you want to import.
NOTE After the slides are loaded, you can close the PowerPoint application.
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