Conferencing User Guide Chapter 4: Joining and Hosting a Conference
74 Whiteboard
Presenters can use the whiteboard to create and share drawings.
Drawings have basic drawing forms (lines, shapes, text, color, and a pointer).
Drawings can be recorded during a conference.
Drawing control can be passed from host to participants.
Multiple whiteboards can be created in the same conference.
Whiteboards can be deleted, but one whiteboard is always open.
Stopping a conference cleans up all whiteboard sessions.
Objects can be moved in the whiteboard.
You can erase a single object or the entire whiteboard.
Access and Use a Whiteboard
Step 1 Open the conference as host.
Step 2 Click Share.
The drop-down menu is opened.
Step 3 Click Whiteboard.
Step 4 The whiteboard tools are opened on the left side of the conference viewer.
Figure 4-24 shows and identifies the whiteboard tools.
Step 5 To add an additional whiteboard, click + on the toolbar (Figure 4-25).
The arrow keys on either side of the drop-down menu allow you to scroll through
available whiteboards.
NOTE To save a whiteboard, record the conference.
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