Conferencing User Guide Chapter 5: Conference Presenter
5.3 ShoreTel Presenter for Java
Provides an alternative way to share a desktop on Windows, without having to install
any software.
Provides the only way to share Mac desktops.
Can be used on Windows desktops, but a special keyboard sequence is required.
Includes a Sharing Rectangle that can be moved about the screen, allowing desktop
sharing on a secondary monitor or across multiple monitors.
Does not have a Preview screen.
Does not include a Custom sharing rectangle.
5.3.1 Presenter for Java Installation Requirements
ShoreTel Web Conferencing service
A web browser:
Microsoft Internet Explore 9.0
Firefox 12.0 (supports Windows and Mac operating systems)
Safari 5.0
Adobe Flash 9 or later
Java Runtime Environment or later.
This software must be downloaded on a participant’s computer to participate in
desktop sharing.
5.3.2 Install ShoreTel Presenter on Mac
Step 1 Download the Java RunTime Environment.
Step 2 Install Presenter.
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