Chapter 1: ShoreTel Conference Web: Overview Conferencing User Guide
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ShoreTel Conference Web: Overview
1.1 Introduction
ShoreTel Conference Web provides an easy-to-use tool for hosting and attending conferences,
sharing desktops or applications (including presentations), and recording conferences.
Conferences can be web and audio, web only, or audio only.
ShoreTel Conference Web runs in a standard Web browser and does not require installation of
any special software if your computer is running ShoreTel Communicator.
1.2 Hosting a Conference
As a ShoreTel Conference Host, you can:
Create new conferences and edit and delete existing conferences.
Lead a conference and give presentation rights.
Browse a list of conferences and conference owners.
Manage library content for conferences.
View details about your conferences.
Play or download recordings.
1.3 Participating in a Conference
As a ShoreTel Conference participant, you can:
Access a conference by following instructions on a conference invite.
Access and view listing of available public conferences.
View and play available recordings.
1.4 Conference Interface
ShoreTel Conference Web is accessible through three user interfaces: Conference Viewer,
Conference Web Portal, and Conference Administration Site.
NOTE ShoreTel Conference Web may also be accessed from Outlook and ShoreTel
Communicator for Windows.
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