Chapter 5: Conference Presenter Conferencing User Guide
ShoreTel 13 91
ShoreTel Presenter for Windows Drop-down Menu
Figure 5-12 ShoreTel Presenter for Windows Drop-down Menu
Table 5-1 ShoreTel Presenter for Windows Show Menu Options
Start Sharing Start (or resume) desktop sharing.
Pause Sharing Pause sharing.
Disable Desktop Accelerator
The Deskshare Accelerator (SDA) helps render conference content. It is installed with ShoreTel
Communicator for Windows. (It can also be installed independently.) If SDA conflicts with other
accelerator programs installed on your computer, nothing is shared. Disable SDA under these
Refresh Rate Low (low bandwidth).
High (high bandwidth).
Image Quality Low (low bandwidth).
High (high bandwidth).
My Screen Resolution Original (default).
1024 × 768.
800 × 600.
Show More Menu Expand or contract menu options.
Sharing Help Help system.
Close Close Presenter; end desktop sharing.
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