Conferencing User Guide Chapter 6: Conference Viewer
Figure 6-1 Host Conference Viewer
Table 6-1 Host Conference Viewer Details
1 Share Specify the application to share with conference participants.
2 Stop Desktop Sharing Stop data sharing without closing Web conference.
3 More Options for managing conference.
4 Conference Information Displays conference details.
5 Number of Web Attendees Participants logged in to Web portion of conference.
6 Number of Audio Attendees Participants logged in to audio portion of conference.
7 Help Conference help system.
8 Information Conference details.
9 Participant Conference participants.
10 Participant Options Participant options.
11 Audio Conference Options Audio conference options.
12 Name Names of participants.
13 Phone Phone number of audio participants and caller ID of Web-only participants.
14 Message Displays text and other messages sent during conference.
15 Message Enter and send text to conference participants.
16 Send to Specify participant to send message.
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