Hardware Installation Chapter 1:
8 Front Panel Overview
Call out Description
If pressed twice in quick succession,
the CLI password will be changed to
its original password.
If pressed three times in quick
succession, the 5300 will revert to
factory default settings. All passwords
will be reset and all prior
configurations will be erased.
Note: The default LAN address will be
set to
Caution: Setting the system
configuration to factory default will
erase all configuration changes.
BPower LED
Off – Power switch is off (or no power from the AC
Solid Green – Power is supplied to the unit
CDisk Activity LED
Off – No disk activity
Flashing Red – Data is being read or written to the
Solid Red – System failure.
DPort 3 (Management Port) – Out of band management
port used for configuration purposes. DHCP client is
enabled on this port from the factory.
EPort 2 (WAN Port) – Connects to the WAN or upstream
router. DHCP enabled from the factory.
FPort 1 (LAN Port) – Connects to the local network or
LAN. Factory configured for static IP with IP
Figure 1-3 Front view of the 5300
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