Licensing Chapter 3:
3.2 Licensing
The VPN Concentrator may or may not have preconfigured licenses for SSL VPNs. To view
the preconfigured licenses, choose “System” submenu from “Configuration Menu” on the left
of the web page. Under the “Registration Status:” section, choose the “View license key”
link. The following page should then be displayed.
VPN Concentrator 4500 supports a maximum of 10 SSL VPN sessions and VPN Concentrator
5300 supports a maximum of 100 SSL VPN sessions. Additional licenses can be obtained by
following the steps below.
1. Choose “System” submenu from “Configuration Menu” and provide the value of
LAN Interface MAC Address:” field to ShoreTel support.
2. Specify the part number to ShoreTel support based on the number of licenses
A license key will be provided by ShoreTel support after the receipt of the above information.
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