Configuration Chapter 3:
3.3.1 GUI Interface Services Configuration
Many services can be configured on “Configuration MenuSystemServices
Configuration” page. The relevant services are specified below.
Parameter Description
Enable Remote System Logging By checking this option, syslog data can be sent to a
remote system running a system log server. This option
will help ShoreTel debug and solve the problems on the
local deployed VPN Concentrator.
Remote Syslog Hosts The IP address of the remote system running a system
log server. Multiple IP addresses can be entered by
separating the IP addresses with spaces. The system
sends the syslog data to the default syslog port 514
which can not be changed.Please obtain the IP
address of the server from ShoreTel support.
Syslog filter ShoreTel support will specify which filter to use.
Management Source Address Must never be set.
Set Hostname Configure the host name of the system to be displayed on
the System page.
Admin Inactivity Timeout
This timer terminates login sessions that are inactive
for the number of second specified. This timer applies
to console, Telnet, and SSH logins. Changes to this
value do not affect sessions that are already open. A
value of '0' disables the inactivity timer. The largest
allowed timeout value is 86400 seconds. The default
is '0'.
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