Chapter 3: Configuration
VPN Concentrator Installation and Configuration Guide 19 Set Link
In addition to allowing a user to set the link rate for Ethernet interfaces on the system, Set Link
also displays the link settings for all the Ethernet interfaces on the system. Please use caution
when adjusting the ethernet link rate as incompatible rate setting may render the device
Parameter Description
LAN Ethernet Link rate can be set to the following values:
Autonegotiate - The system negotiates with the
connected device and sets the best possible rate for
the Ethernet port.
10baseT-HD - 10 Mbps at half duplex
10baseT-FD - 10 Mbps at full duplex
100baseT-HD - 100 Mbps at half duplex
100baseT-FD - 100 Mbps at full duplex
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