Configuration Chapter 3:
20 Management Interface (VPN Concentrator 5300 Only)
The out of band management port (Port 3) can be enabled and configured to allow access to
the system for configuration purposes only through this port. Once enabled, HTTP, SSH,
SNMP, and TELNET sessions will only be allowed through this port and will no longer be
available on LAN (Port 1) and WAN (Port 2) ports.
WAN Ethernet Same as for LAN Ethernet
Set WAN MTU Size This value can be adjusted to reduce the latency introduced
by large data packets on a slower link.If the WAN
upstream bandwidth is less than 256 Kbps, the MTU size
is automatically reduced to 800 bytes.
The default value for this parameter is 1500 bytes for static
IP addresses. PPPoE links negotiate the value
automatically which can be overwritten using this
Parameter Description
Enable Management Interface Check to enable the Management Interface
Management Interface IP Address Valid IP address to be assigned to the Management
This IP address must be on a different subnet than the
WAN or LAN interfaces.
Subnet Mask
Parameter Description
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